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The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

​     Xcel Martial Arts school has done wonders for my granddaughter who has cerebral palsy. Master Deb has worked different approaches to give Madison the best possibly learning experience and performance that she can achieve. In Madison's own words "Wow! That was hard, but did you see what I just did!" I like the school because of Master Deb's understanding of special needs and how to work with them to accomplish their best. They will learn everything that all student's must learn for advancing to next belt. They learn more then just body movements. They learn to appreciate that hard work brings results (Madison is now an Red Belt). They learn to work thru what they thought was an impossible task. And become confident in themselves to try new and different challenges. Madison is learning more then how to do her forms and breaking boards(which is her favorite), she's learning lifelong habits and discipline that will benefit her the rest of her life.

Carol Delaney ~ Lewis Center, OH 9/2016

Hayden started out in Oct 2015. He was bullied at his school. Master Deb and Master Larry have worked with him to build his confidence and not to break down. He is now a purple belt and on their Demo team. IF YOU WANT A REAL MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOL. THIS IS DEFINATELY THE PLACE!!!!

Megan Malkoff ~ Columbus, Oh 9/2016

I would like to thank you Master Larry and Master Deb confer, two of the few people I will know in my life that practice and live by what they teach.
You have a business and career that teaches with such pride, the very secrets to having a good and happy life: Courtesy, self control, Perseverence, Indomitable spirit and Integrity.
All the while you do this, you maintain a personal level of how to be a friend. You have invited your students into your professional life as well as your private life.
I personally have found a deep love and respect for both of you. Thank you for letting me be a part of your program and all your dedication and hard work.
My sincere love and appreciation
Beverly Schoenherr ~ Westerville, OH   12/2014

I am very honored and proud that Kaleb has Master Deb and Master Larry in his life. He is a hard kiddo to read sometimes and I can say that as his mom and I know they have had to take different approaches with him based on his personality at times. He has made huge gains within himself and it has been noticed by others that he has become more confident and I attribute a huge part of that to learning the self control and discipline that Master Deb and Master Larry have taught him. We are definite supporters of Xcel and I talk about what they have done for Kaleb to others and how important Taekwondo has been in his life. I can't wait for Eli, my younger son, to begin his training as I believe he will benefit from class differently than Kaleb, but it will add to his already great character. 
~ Laura Thornton - Westerville, OH    5/8/2015

Our daughter Zaiba started out as a Tiny Tiger 2 years ago. She is now a green belt in the Cougars class working her way to earning her Blackbelt. Her training with Xcel Martial Arts has paid off in the past year, where she participated in tournaments. She has placed each time in forms, board breaking, and sparring matches. Recently, Zaiba won a gold medal in sparring for her age group/belt level at the Indiana State Tournament. We believe that her training with Xcel's Masters Deb and Larry, as well as with the other black belts, has prepared her physically and mentally. We look forward to representing Xcel Martial Arts at the AAU TKD National Tournament this year! 
~Fayyaz & Rachel Choudhury - Columbus, Ohio

If you want your child to stand out, be noticed and every master and assisstances to know who your child is and there name, (beyond a name tag) this is your gym. The masters are proffessionnal, energetic and enthusiastic. Your child will recieve personal attention and can get help immediately when needed.
Not only do the masters truly care about the well being of all the students but there is NEVER any kind of favoritism or student pets.
You will not only recieve top level, competitive taekwondo skills, your child will learn the true meaning of respect, hard work, assertion and dedication.
~Thank you Xcel, Slootsky Family - Gahanna across from darimar....

I would like to thank Master Deb and Master Larry for offering a fitness program that is designed for a variety of people with different needs. The program offers such a comprehensive plan that can be beneficial to any and all who may be facing a variety of challenges. Whether it be losing weight, getting into shape, improving muscle tone or even lowering blood pressure, their fitness program can help. I can personally attest to the program as it has tremendously improved my quality of life while I struggle with breast and bone cancer. To be specific, the cardio workout has helped keep my blood pressure under control, my lungs and breathing are now excellent and I have improved muscle strength. The program has helped me better cope with the challenges I face and has just given me a more positive outlook on life. To top it off, I have met some of the nicest people I have ever known! I would whole-heartedly recommend the fitness program to anyone who is thinking about improving their life. Hey, we only live once, why not make it the best it can be!
 ~ Beverly Schoenherr - Westerville

I have to say I am lovin this fitness challenge, even though I don't like it at times, but it has opened my eyes to what food I eat & the exercise I do! Plus I love the way I feel!!
 ~ Christine Schoenherr - Westerville

My grandson started taekwondo at another school at the age of 4.  After 5 years he received a black belt.  The facility was very nice, spacious, and clean, the staff and instructors very friendly.  The problem was he didn’t actually learn taekwondo.  It was more of an aerobics/fitness class with some taekwondo added.  The instructors stood at the front of the class performing the moves and the students mimicked the moves but didn’t actually “learn” them.  After attending the required number of classes and paying the fee, students could test for succeeding belts.  The tests were administered in the same way as classes, the instructor led the moves.  I never saw anyone fail the test.  Not that you want them to fail, but a test should be a demonstration of acquired skills – not just paying and passing.  My daughter and her husband were looking for a school closer to where they lived and their neighbors recommended Xcel. After visiting Xcel as well as other nearby schools, my grandson went to the trial classes Xcel offers.  We all saw classes that were drastically different.  Students were being taught taekwondo.  They actually have to learn, practice, and demonstrate the required skills for each belt.  They are individually corrected and encouraged.  Belts are not paid for, they are earned.  Xcel is also unique in that the Masters recognize that taekwondo instills qualities other than martial arts.  That it also builds self-confidence, respect and teaches discipline along with physical fitness and control.  At the end of every class Master Larry Confer speaks to the students on a certain inspirational/motivational topic – about the benefits of doing homework, overcoming shyness, having respect, etc.  I was so impressed! The school has a community and caring spirit. They want their students to succeed and grow.  They aren’t just interested in getting your money.  After just 4 months I see dramatic changes in my grandson – his eyes no longer fill with tears when it is time to go to class – he actually asks his parents if he gets to go to class that night.  He shows much more enthusiasm and skill.  He is extremely shy and prefers not to interact at all with people he does not know.  Through the personal attention he has received at the school I’ve seen changes in that behavior as well.  His parents are so impressed with the school that now my granddaughter is also enrolled. Don’t hesitate to visit the school – after you do – you will enroll! 
~ Janeene Vargas- Columbus

I am  sixty  four years old and have earned a forth degree Black Belt . I have been associated with five Martial Schools and without hesitation  I must say Xcel Martial Arts School in 
Westerville , Ohio is by far the best .
~ Rodney Roscoe, Columbus

This note is for all the families that are not sure if Tae Kwon Do at Xcel Martial Arts is a good choice for their kids.  My son Shane has been enrolled for almost four months and loves doing this, he wakes up and asks what time is class tonight and what type of class is being taught, he loves his instructors and I have seen a change in the way he conducts himself like in a very positive way.  BUT it wasn’t this way at first.  I wanted to get my son in some type of program and I thought Tae Kwon Do at Xcel Martial Arts would be a great start, but Shane didn’t, in fact he protested and really didn’t like me much when I first brought him there.  NOW he says to me, dad I can’t believe I didn’t want to go here and now I am so excited about it.  This just goes to show you that given the right mind set, the right tools and the right atmosphere kids can and will excel and enjoy things that they think they will hate, and with Master Larry and Master Deb my son has found that.  Thanks 
~ Mick Harrington - Westerville

We joined Tae Kwon Do at Xcel Martial Arts based on a suggestion from our son's physical therapist who he had been seeing for four years for physical delays.  Within six months of taking part in Tae Kwon Do, his physical therapist dismissed him from her case load stating that he didn't need her help anymore because he was getting his therapy needs filled at Tae Kwon Do.  The other benefits he's gained are making new friends, more confidence and discipline. Xcel does an amazing job of creating a family atmosphere and providing fun activities for the students, both during class and outside of class.  My husband has now joined and he and our son have a great time attending class and conditioning together."  
- Marla Williams - Westerville   

     Xcel Martial Arts is the best extra-curricular activity decision we ever made! Our son was 5 yrs old and very energetic, creative, and strong willed. He really needed an activity that would instill discipline, self control, and self confidence without breaking his spirit and personality.

     From day one the Confer's honned in on his strengths and growths areas and worked within where he was. Within 2months he was well on his way . Taekwondo is his first and only sport. He eat, drinks, and sleeps it!

     He is now. 6yrs old and has been in the program for 10 months. He is also a green belt and brought home gold medals from his first state tournament for Forms and Sparring. There's no way we would have this testimonial if the Confer's didn't have the perfect combination of discipline, love, and wholistic support. They truly lead and teach through example. A few months ago our 9yr old daughter started the program--and loves it! She is a yellow belt now.

     The Xcel Family is truly an intricate part of my family...

 -The Mendenhall Family - Columbus


Xcel has an amazing program! My son has been taking classes for over a year now and loves it! The instructors are outstanding! Along with learning the skills of Taekwondo, the kids learn confidence, discipline, respect, physical fitness and have fun at the same time! It is a great family atmosphere as well. I highly recommend the program! - Susan Hunn - Westerville 

     "After having experienced a 14 year hiatus from the martial arts I returned to study with Masters Deb and Larry Confer at Xcel.  A little over a year has passed and I am in the best shape I have been in since I was in my mid 20s, and my family and I are now a part of a wonderful extended family and community.  Xcel is a fantastic place for children and adults, and for families who want to study the martial arts and exercise together.  My favorite part of the week is the family classes I get to do with my six year old son on Fridays and Saturdays, and the conditioning that follows.  I feel very fortunate to have found this special school."

- Ben Williams, Ph.D. - Westerville


     Boring, too expensive, no time.... None of those apply to the Boot camp class at Xcel Martial Arts. The class content is varied so we never do exactly the same thing twice. The cost is far below a personal trainer and  there are 4 classes a week so you can mix and match classes to fit your schedule. I enjoy the mix of people in the classes. There are people of all ages and ability levels along with a nice mix of both men and women. I am more fit than I have ever been. I can't even remember when I was this toned. After I attended classes for 6 months my husband decided to try Boot camp classes.  He has lost 20 pounds and is looking and feeling better than ever.

When I started classes I thought I would go for 3 months to get some exercise during the winter months but the results have been so beneficial that I haven't stopped going and I hate missing even one class.

- Carrie Thompson - Westerville


     Xcel Martial Arts is the best tae kwon do school in Ohio! You won't find a more caring, more talented school anywhere. The Confers are nationally ranked masters who are great with kids from 3 to 63!  Many families like mine started with just our child in class, and before long all three of us became students there. It's great for everyone! 

 - Beth Owens - Hilliard

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