Forearm Guards

         NO hand pads, nothing is worn on the hands

Mouthguard container

           Important to clean mouthpiece before putting away

This page is to show you what equipment is needed for sparring class.
ALL students need to purchase their own gear 
once they have finished their trial period.
Where to buy gear is listed at the bottom of the page.

Chest Protector (Hogu)   

        Good brands to buy:     Adidas, Century, AAMA, Macho

               See links at the bottom of the page.

        Don't be deceived by brands that look similar

Shin/Instep Guards

           Can be separate but less hassle if one piece

Bo Staff

          For advance belts

          Ideal length - between ears and top of head

​          Must have your own

Where to buy:

Asian World Martial Arts:

Century Martial Arts:

All American Martial Arts:

Required Sparring Gear

We have found that AAMA is good quality gear for not a really high price. ( They are located in Cleveland so you get your gear delivered pretty quick.

You are looking for gear that is high density form. Not soft and squishy.

Groin Protection

​          MANDATORY for males

          Should be worn every class


          MANDATORY - accidents happen, a mouthpiece is cheaper than dental work!

          Special ones are made for braces

Xcel Martial Arts

The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

Head Gear - Prefer White


         For Black Belts