Xcel Martial Arts

The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

Jr. Red Belt

Below is what you need to know for your belt test.  Each student is required a minimum of 100 classes before testing for red belt.

Basic Motion (White stripe)

45 degree Ax kick
Jump wheel

Poomse (Blue stripe)

Taegeuk Pal Jang (8)

Self defense (gun defense)  (Green Stripe)
All curriculum has been abbreviated. You must learn in class first, this is only to serve as a reminder.
Students should know how to do all self defense techniques from a right AND a left attack.

1.     at back: turning, sweeping with arm to deflect gun, grabbing, bring arm up and over attacker's arm. Put hand at attacker’s neck at pressure point and roll into their neck forcing them to the ground keyop

2.     at head: take hand under attackers forearm and grab, grab at pressure point in attackers upper arm or elbow. Lifting attacker's arm and going under step behind attacker. Twist attacker's arm while still holding pressure point then sweep hand under attacker's arm and Kaluki

3.     at head on one knee: deflect gun up, grab barrel, roll out and away

4.     Club attack: X-block high, grab and pull to hip. Push down with hand at chest, trip with foot behind, kneel down locking arm on leg. Punch

Kicking combinations (Red stripe)​
Start with right leg back fighting stance, go through combo once then start with left leg back and repeat combo.
1.        Double punch, slide round, rear leg front, slide side, rear leg round, back kick, double punch, keyop, repeat
2.     Slide front, Rear leg round (head high), slide side, spinning hook, keyop, switch, repeat

Weapons (Purple stripe) – Bo form 1

Terminology (Yellow stripe)

     Turn around                  To rah
     Stand up                      Yi ru sut
     Double                         Doo bun
     School                         Dojang
     Black belt degree           Dan
     Color belt degree           Gup
     Bahndall                       Cresent

 Required Break (Brown Stripe) – forward elbow

Falling Technique (Gray Stripe) - kneeling front roll

Sparring (Orange stripe)

Use of 45 degree Ax kick and Jump Back kick

6 class min.