Xcel Martial Arts

The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

Jr. Brown Belt

Below is what you need to know for your belt test.  Each student is required a minimum of 100 classes before testing for Brown belt.

Basic Motion (White stripe)

Spinning hook kick              
Ridge hand, front stance     
Running jump front kick
Diamond Fist Block
Shuffle Step

Poomse (Blue stripe)

Taegeuk Yuk Jang (6)

Self defense (knife defense) (Green stripe)
All curriculum has been abbreviated. You must learn in class first, this is only to serve as a reminder.
Students should know how to do all self defense techniques from a right AND a left attack

   1.    Stabbing at stomach: x-block low, grab wrist, twist clockwise with thumbs pressed into back of hand bending person over, snap kick to face. keyop
   2.   Jump back away from knife held at stomach while grabbing wrist, turn your body and take you hands over your head while going into kneel, bend attacker's arm back towards shoulder and force down, pin elbow down with knee punch, keyop
   3.   Knife at neck: knock away, wrap arm around attacker's forearm and force upward at elbow. Grab collar, your foot heel kicks behind attacker’s leg and force down, punch. keyop

Stabbing attack:  

   4.     outside to inside cresent kick, side kick, keyop  
   5.     inside to outside cresent kick, roundhouse (same leg), keyop  
   6.    out to in cresent kick, spin hook kick, keyop

Kicking combinations (Red stripe)
Start with right leg back fighting stance, do combo once, then left leg back, do again.

1.   Slide front kick, rear leg front kick, jump front kick, double punch, keyop, repeat
2.   Slide side kick, back kick, slide side kick, back kick, double punch, keyop, switch, repeat

Terminology (Yellow stripe)

     Blue                            Chung
     Red                             Hong
     Break                          Kalyeo

1st – il             4th – sah       7th – chil              
2nd – yi            5th – oh        8th – pal       
3rd – sahm        6th – yuk       9th - ku       10th – ship  


Weapons (Purple stripe)

Bo basics- low/high block, head/knee strike, front spin, jab

Required Break (Brown Stripe)– Hook kick, not spinning (rear or front)

Sparring (Orange stripe)

Use of Spin Hook kick and Shuffle step

6 class min.

Falling Technique (Gray Stripe) - Back fall

Black Belt attitude:

Advanced Belts are to support the instructors as in putting away or getting out equipment and cleaning up. Take pride in your school, do not leave it messy.

Advanced belts are also expected to help out at tournaments so that our school continues to demonstrate pride and honor in hosting events.Advanced and Black Belts 15 yrs and older are required to learn to coach and officiate.