Xcel Martial Arts

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Panthers - Ages 4 to 7 yrs

We offer a variety of age appropriate Skill Drills to help build coordination, self control and self confidence.

The Panthers program is designed as an introduction to the martial arts teaching the basic moves, self defense and concentration tools.
These students will move into the Cougars group when focus and discipline has been achieved.
This class is designed so that the younger children do not feel overwhelmed and are more likely to enjoy what they are learning.
 Why start training at this age?
  Children really excel at this age. They have lots of fun with training and it makes them feel empowered which gives them the self confidence they need to avoid bullies. 
Starting now gets them started down the right path in life!

Students learn:

When confronted, a child’s first option should be to get away; fighting should be the very last resort. It is a myth that the Martial Arts fosters aggressiveness in children. On the contrary, with continuous training, there are natural increases in a child’s confidence, discipline and self-control


The Martial Arts instills discipline in students by requiring full attention in class, refraining from unruly behavior, the importance of arriving on time and being prepared. Students are also taught to follow instructions and not interrupt instructors. Kids are expected to keep uniforms and other items clean and organized.


Many parents enroll their children in the Martial Arts to boost their confidence, self-esteem and feeling of self-worth. Kids put forth their best effort, defend themselves, recognize their own potential and believe in their abilities. Because of their own efforts, there is a feeling of pride with each rank advancement.


Nothing does a better job at teaching the “old school” values of respect and courtesy. Martial Arts training teaches children to answer in a respectful manner to instructors (“Yes Sir” or “No Sir”), bow when entering and leaving the school, stand straight before class begins and raising hands to answer or ask a question.

Goal Setting

At a very early age, Martial Art students are encouraged to set long term goals. The most obvious goal is reaching the rank of Black Belt. The Martial Art instills indomitable spirit so children never give up on their dreams. Learning to set goals encompasses the life experiences of a Martial Arts student.