Xcel Martial Arts

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Adult & Teen classes - Ages 16 yrs & up

This age group tends to already have focus, these students will enjoy more physical activity focusing on speed, coordination and stamina while learning self defense.

Teenagers will have a positive place to 'hangout' and stay out of trouble, while building their self-confidence and having the power to say No.
Teens will have happier, healthier lives with daily physical activity.
Adult students benefit from the relief from their daily stress.
Physical activity will reduce the risk of heart disease.
Adult students feel better and have more confidence in life when adding martial arts training to the weekly activities.

The most surprising statistic that most martial arts instructors discover is the one that tells them "why most of their adult students quit shortly after enrolling." In fact, the greatest percentage of adult dropouts from martial arts classes occurs within the first 100 days!

This has sparked some groups to investigate the reasons behind this phenomena. Surveys have been conducted both in the United States as well as in Canada. 

What the researchers found was, to them, incredible. They found that, by and large, the number one reason for adult students dropping out of their programs was...

...no real-world self-defense training early on in their training!

"How could this be?", was the question. The researchers were stunned. After all, they were martial arts instructors and they certainly taught self-defense as a part of their classes.

How could these adults say that they weren't being taught real-world self-defense techniques?

Maybe the problem was in perception. Maybe students just couldn't see how the "stylized" movements of a centuries-old system could be applicable against a street attack against a stiletto or 'Saturday Night Special'-wielding assailant.

Maybe the problem - what adult students are looking for - is in something even more crucial to learning self-defense against violent attackers. And maybe this "thing" was easier to identify by novices than by trained instructors who had been indoctrinated into sport systems.

Maybe what was lacking in all of these programs was something the real experts like to call.....Experience!

Be assured at Xcel Martial Arts you are being taught practical self-defense. The techniques learned at the beginning level may not seem important to you at that time but you have to learn to crawl before you can walk. You have to learn control before learning the more difficult and intricate techniques because you are not learning on an attacker, you are learning on a fellow student and don't really want to hurt them. You will learn what to do in real life.