Xcel Martial Arts

The Family that Kicks together, sticks together!

Master Deb Confer

4th degree Mastery level Black Belt
AFPA Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Yoga Instructor
ASFA Certified Self Defense Instructor
CPR and AED Certified
National Women's Martial Arts Federation member
Class "A" National Referee
State tournament coordinator for 8 yrs, qualifier for National events
Assistant Director

Has Officiated at:
Junior Olympics
many State and Local events

School Administrator
Program Director
Has trained many State and National champions

Mr, Aref Hussein

1st degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor

Mr, Michael Massman

1st degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor

Xcel offers great martial arts/self-defense training as well as great fitness training. Moms and Dads can get into their best fitness shape ever while learning important skills to keep themselves and their families safe. Children will learn valuable and practical life skills along with their self-defense training. 

We, the instructors, are 4th degree Master Instructors certified through the Amateur Athletic Union. With 19 years experience each we have worked with children as young as 4 years old and adults into their sixties. We have experience with special needs students (such as hearing impaired and Cerebral Palsy) with much success.

We strive to have every student meet and even surpass his/her expectations. We do not believe in "lowering the bar". We believe students will achieve what is expected of them. With high expectations the students achieve great goals.  We expect our students to always try their very best and our students have always strived to meet those expectations.

With our combination of Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Hapkido and Grappling the students enter into a well-rounded system for the ultimate self-defense achievement! Our programs have a variety of drills and skill building activities to make your training fun and exciting with just the right amount of challenge.

Miss Kara Owens

2nd degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
AAU Ohio State Division Champion

(forms and sparring)
11+ years of training
Assisted running multiple AAU State Championship tournaments
Listed in "Outstanding Athletes of AAU 2015"
High school student

Marching band (Varsity Letter), concert band, and ensemble groups (trumpet)
Member of girls track team (sprints and hurdles)


Mr. Josh Cianca

3rd degree Black Belt

Assistant Instructor

Helping students build integrity and focus!

Master Larry Confer

4th degree Mastery level Black Belt
Navy Veteran
Class "AA" National Referee 
Ohio AAU District Director, 8 years
Region 6 AAU Director, 5 years

Has Officiated at:
Junior Olympics
Team Trials
many State and Local events

AAU Clinic Administrator, training top level officials, 5 years
Has trained many State and National champions
Tournament Director  for 8 yrs. for AAU State Championship, one of the largest and most organized Taekwondo tournaments in Ohio.

Xcel is a family owned and operated school, understanding a family's need for quality time.

Martial arts training with self defense classes is a really great family activity. Families who train together build a much stronger bond

because of the time they spend learning and practicing together and supporting each other.  

WE have more than 20 years experience in Taekwondo in Columbus